Since its 1992, Sportsmatch has matched over £46 million of funding and sponsored 5,784 projects. Its success at leveraging private money into grass roots sports has been exceptional: in a recent survey, 52% of organisations have said that they would not have obtained sponsorship without Sportsmatch.

It has also proved highly effective in persuading sponsors to continue sponsoring sport after their initial investment: last year 63% of Sportsmatch sponsors said that they would definitely continue to sponsor sport at grass roots level as a result of their involvement in the Sportsmatch scheme.

The role that Sportsmatch has played in the provision of community sport also cannot be underestimated. In 2005 alone, Sportsmatch schemes represented approximately a half of sports organisations’ community development work. A recent survey showed that the average Sportsmatch scheme last year involved more than 1,100 participants – which, with a total of over 400 projects funded last year, means that over 400,000 people were involved in Sportsmatch schemes across the country in 2004-2005.

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