What is sponsorship?

Sportsmatch define sponsorship as “the payment of money or the provision of goods in kind by a business to an organising body for the purposes of promoting the business name and/or product”. It is different from a donation in that it requires some kind of business benefits from the sponsorship.

When looking at applications, the panel will expect to see a level of publicity and commercial return appropriate for the money involved and this must be reflected in the sponsorship agreement submitted with your application. For example: press coverage, cheque ceremony, branding on all literature and kit, mention in press releases, logo on certificates and trophies etc.

Will Sportsmatch match a donation?

Where the partner funding is coming from between one and three private donors then this is considered eligible. Partner funding from more than three private donors is considered ineligible.

In the same way, Sportsmatch can match funding from between one and three Trusts, but not from more Trusts than this.

How can I find a sponsor?

Who can sponsor me?

A sponsor can be any business which is either a first time sponsor of grassroots sport or an existing sponsor investing additional money. The business must be profit distributing to shareholders and be trading in England (e.g. a bank, supermarket, restaurant, estate agent etc.)

Ineligible sponsors include professional or trade associations and national or local government.

In addition, a Trust or private individual can also act as the sponsor although group fundraising is ineligible.

Please note that sponsorship funding from a business is considered a higher priority than funding from a Trust or private individual.


What do you mean by new money?

By the term ‘new money’ we mean the business is a first time sponsor of grassroots sport or is increasing its investment in grassroots sport. The question that needs to be answered positively is – will the business sponsor’s expenditure on grassroots sport in its current financial year compared to the previous year be increased by at least the amount applied for under the Sportsmatch scheme?


Can I have more than one sponsor?

You can have more than one sponsor. The Panel prefer one sponsor but will allow a maximum of three per project. Each must be sponsoring a minimum of £1,000, except for schools, and there must be sufficient evidence to show they are obtaining a commercial return.

The Panel will normally only consider an award where each sponsor is sponsoring a specific activity e.g. athletics, football, swimming etc, within an overall programme of grassroots sport.

Can Sportsmatch match sponsorship in-kind?

Sponsorship in-kind relates to situations where the sponsor provides equipment or objects to the organisation, instead of investing cash. Sportsmatch may be able to match the value of these objects. These can include sporting equipment and other non-personal items directly related to sporting activities (including kit which remains in the organising body’s possession).

However the items being matched in kind must be capable of being given a monetary value which can be verified and must be at cost price.

For example a basketball manufacturer providing nets and installation could be matched. Other in kind sponsorships which Sportsmatch could match include a minibus provided by a car dealership, or a boat provided by a boat manufacturer. However, all items would be matched at cost, rather than retail price (i.e. without the profit element). It will also be necessary to show that the goods will contribute to increasing participation in sport.

We cannot match personal time, advertising space, publicity costs, or coaching time where these are given without charge.


What if my sponsor has already paid?

If your sponsor has paid, your application will be considered ineligible for Sportsmatch funding – we do not consider retrospective applications. Sportsmatch is a business incentive scheme which means Sportsmatch has to be seen as a significant influencing factor when your sponsor was considering sponsoring you.

The business must be sponsoring you for commercial reasons, this is why we insist on a sponsorship agreement. If you have started to spend the money before your application has been approved you will not get matched funding.

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