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Gymnastics Coaching programme

Sport: Gymnastics
Location: Durham
Organiser: South Durham Gymnastics Club
Contact: Nicola Preston – 01388 816180
Sponsor: Corepeople recruitment
Sportsmatch award: £4,000


This is a three year programme using a gymnastics coach to introduce gymnastics to 26 local schools. Now in its second year, the programme will be building on last year’s work in which gymnastics were brought to more than 1,000 youngsters. The programme also looks out for budding talent and extra coaching is provided for kids with potential.

Girls’ football coaching

Sport: Football
Location: Great Lumley, Durham
Organiser: Lumley Ladies Football Club
Contact: Dennis Price – 0191 389 4494
Sponsor: Arnott Commercial Insurance Services
Sportsmatch award: £1,000


This programme is designed to recruit new players under 12 for the creation of a new team. Girls are coached at the local sports college and sports pavilion with the aim of gaining a 40-strong squad. A total of 26 weeks’ coaching will be delivered with the new team ready to start playing league matches in September.

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