Our funding is distributed to sports organisations who apply to us, and whose applications are approved. An Awards Panel considers the applications and decides who will receive matched funding. The procedure is simple and straightforward. The whole process, from the time of making an application to the time of receiving an award, takes, on average, three months.

Organisations who have found sponsorship for a project and wish to have it matched with our funding have to submit an application to us. This application is then checked over by one of Sportsmatch’s Scheme Managers. They are employed to help and advise organisations on applications and check over those which are submitted. They then present applications to the Panel.

Sportsmatch has four Scheme Managers, each of whom have individual responsibility for different areas of the country, as follows:

Scheme Manager Region
Robin Hodkinson North East, North West and Yorkshire Regions
Karen Prothero East Midlands, East
Alex Scott-Bayfield West Midlands, South West
Sandra Smith London, South East


Applications for national schemes are also allocated to a Scheme Manager.

The Scheme Manager will check that the application is eligible and then present it to the Awards Panel.

The Panel meets approximately every six weeks and decisions are made on the day. Applicants are informed by their Scheme Manager immediately after the Panel has met.

Scheme Support Staff (Admin Team)

James Mathie – Scheme Support Manager

Jade Channer – Scheme Support Assistant

Lucy Kenny – Scheme Support Assistant

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