How to apply

If you have a project which you think qualifies for Sportsmatch funding, it is a good idea to follow these steps:

  1. Check the project fits with our criteria (i.e. Is it new? Is it aimed at grassroots participation?).
  2. Find a sponsor and check that their sponsorship is eligible (e.g. Is the money new or an increase on what has been given before?).
  3. Work out a budget for the project, including a breakdown of all the costs involved. The budget should be based on the total of the sponsor’s money and the amount that you are applying for.
  4. Consider when you want the project to start. The Panel meets to consider awards approximately every eight weeks, but they cannot award funding to a project which has already started. The first Panel for 2008/09 is planned for mid June. After this the Panel will meet approximately every eight weeks. Please contact your Scheme Manager for specific dates of Panel meetings.
  5. Complete an online application form (link below) – we will only accept applications submitted via the online application form. No hard copies will be accepted.

The application will be allocated to a Scheme Manager who will check it is eligible and then present it to the Panel. If you require advice on how to put together an application, or have any queries on what to include, you can contact the Scheme Manager for your region who can offer you guidance and advice on what to do. Please see below for the contact details for the Scheme Managers:

David Kennedy 08458 508 508
Bhavisha Mistry 08458 508 508
Kevin Thompson 08458 508 508
Kathy O’Neil 08458 508 508


Please note that we will not be undertaking face to face pre application advice meetings. Sport England will be holding regional funding workshops which will cover the work of Sportsmatch. The dates of these workshops will be posted on both the Sportsmatch and Sport England websites.


Sportsmatch Panel Cut Off Dates

The first Sportsmatch Panel of this financial year is meeting on the 1st July 2008. The cut off for the receipt of all information necessary to undertake a full assessment is close of play on Monday 9th June 2008.

At the first Sportsmatch Panel meeting the dates for the Panel meetings for the remainder of this financial year will be set. Once this is completed, future cut off dates for completed applications will be posted on the web site.

Completing Your Application

When completing your application, please make sure that you also submit the following information:

  • A detailed breakdown of the project’s budget
  • A copy of the applicant’s accounts
  • A copy of the applicant’s constitution, memorandum of articles etc
  • Where projects are applying for years 2 or 3 of a project – the previous year’s income and expenditure statement, plus the submission of relevant invoices where appropriate
  • Coaching qualifications (where applicable)
  • Child Protection Policy (where applicable)
  • Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy (where applicable)
  • A Delivery Plan detailing the start and finish points of the project, the project’s location(s), proposed outcomes and how the scheme will be delivered

By supplying the above information, where relevant, an applicant is increasing the likelihood of the application being considered at the next available Panel meeting.

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