How to account for your award

After your project has ended, accounts need to be submitted within 12 weeks of the completion of the project. This is so that we can check that you spent the money as you stated in the budget in the original application for funding. It is important to remember that you MUST spend the funding in accordance with that budget – any change over 30% or £1,000, whichever is less, must be approved by Sportsmatch in advance.

The accounts should take the form of an income and expenditure statement, showing the funding received for the project and how it was spent.

For awards of £10,000 or less, the income and expenditure statement must be certified by the treasurer or financial officer of your organisation and signed by the coordinator, chairman or chief executive or your organisation. We cannot accept the statement until two officers of the club have signed it.

For awards of more than £10,000, independent auditors must verify the income and expenditure statement. If you have audited yearly accounts, the income and expenditure must be shown as an addendum to the audited accounts.

Remember that any new award will not be paid until Sportsmatch receives all outstanding income and expenditure accounts with invoices / receipts to evidence the expenditure for all previous and ongoing awards.

For queries regarding accounts please contact your Scheme Manager.

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