Award: £2,500
Sponsor: Lex Commercials
Length of scheme: 1 year

George Salter High School is a co-educational high school for students’ aged 11-16 serving the Central West Bromwich area.

The school had a sports hall with badminton courts on which they ran after-school badminton activities. There was a very poor take up from their Asian students (who represent 40% of the school population). The school issued a questionnaire to the Asian students to find out what they would like to get involved in. The results identified dance and badminton as the most popular choices, and also showed that poor participation in the previous badminton sessions was due to the fact that parents were reluctant for their children to stay behind after school.

The school therefore decided to run a project aimed specifically at this section of the school which would tackle these issues. They received £2,500 in sponsorship from Lex Commercial, a company specializing in sales support for commercial vehicles. This was matched with a £2,500 award from Sportsmatch.

With this money, the school is currently running a 36 week programme of badminton and dance sessions, specifically aimed at the Asian female students. The sessions run as a lunchtime activity, avoiding the problems of running after-school clubs, and in-house competitions will be created between those taking part. The participants are encouraged to enter local dance festivals and the school hope to organize at least two dance demonstrations by July 2005.

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